Female in Tech – Earn Respect and Escalate Your Career

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  • Common challenges of a female in a male-dominated workplace
  • Helpful tips to help you navigate career in the tech world as a woman
  • Leverage diversity programs of many companies to land a career there as a minority
  • Common pain points uniquely felt by women, and how to solve them

from a manager’s perspective,很多女员工有如下情况:

  • 男员工Perf Review后往往会直接要求升职。女员工主动要求升职的很少,甚至一个都没有。
  • 不少女员工也希望当manager,但是自己老板没有“主动给”,为什么?
  • 面试女码农,经常看见一种feedback, 叫做”seems too junior”,这是什么意思?
  • 女员工拿工作成果给talk,可观众却只对坐在下面的其他男同事提问?
  • 女员工如何克服imposter syndrome,让自己勇于发声?

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